Top 4 Upper Cervical Care and Vertigo FAQs Answered

vertigo relief in Ogden

Have you explored other proven remedies for vertigo but noticed very few improvements in your sense of balance? Have you tried upper cervical chiropractic as a means to help your organs of balance function smoothly again? If not, what’s stopping you from taking a leap and experiencing massive improvements in your overall vestibular balance? 

Notably, Upper Cervical Care has gained significant traction as a potential source of vertigo relief in Ogden. But, many still have reservations about this remedy because of several factors like a lack of in-depth understanding of how Upper Cervical Care works and doubts on whether neck adjustments can help minimize the recurrence of spinning sensations. Hence, as your trusted vertigo chiropractor, Atlas Clinic has rounded up every possible question on Cervical Chiropractic Care as a source of vertigo relief.

#1. What’s the connection between neck posture and vertigo?

The neck is prone to damage or injuries, especially after a traumatic incident like a car collision or a head butt during a competitive match. The topmost bones tend to shift out of place, causing an imbalance in the spine and the head. The displaced bones tug on the muscles, nerves, and other attached issues, causing various problems ranging from vertigo episodes to chronic fatigue.

#2. Do all vertigo attacks stem from neck problems?

While cervical subluxation or neck bone misalignment can cause or aggravate vertigo episodes, it’s important to note that a plethora of other health concerns can contribute to your symptoms. These include benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, Meniere’s disease, vestibular neuritis, and labyrinthitis. 

Interestingly, case studies on vertigo episodes and upper cervical care show a strong connection between the conditions above and previously sustained neck or head trauma. It’s still unclear which causes which, but you might find it worthwhile to consider consulting with an upper cervical doctor. 

#3. Can an Upper Cervical Chiropractor help provide vertigo relief in Ogden?

The short answer to this is yes! Upper Cervical Care works wonders in alleviating vertigo and its accompanying vestibular symptoms. The technique’s main mechanism relies on addressing even the slightest changes to your atlas and axis bone alignment to help reactivate the body’s circuit switch and stimulate the healing of damaged tissues. It also improves the communication between your brain and inner ear organs (structures in charge of hearing and maintaining balance).

#4. How long will vertigo episodes improve after seeking neck bone adjustments?

There isn’t a straightforward way to answer this question. That’s because each case of neck bone misalignment varies a lot based on certain factors. These factors include the severity of the previous neck and head injuries, the degree of neck bone subluxation, lifestyle choices, additional conditions that might contribute to the posture issue, and the commitment to completing the suggested care regimen.

If you would like to know how upper cervical care might apply to your situation, it would be best to get in touch with our practice so our team can run the diagnostic tests needed to understand your posture problem.

vertigo relief in Ogden

Your Path to Healing and Recovery Starts at Atlas Clinic

Seeking a lasting source of vertigo relief in Ogden doesn’t need to be challenging. Find out how you can redefine your approach to managing recurring vertigo episodes by booking an appointment with Dr. Christopher Bunn. He is a board-certified Upper Cervical Chiropractor trained to help patients lead healthier and happier lives through gentle adjustments to the atlas and axis bones. 

Find out if you have “invisible” cervical spine problems with the help of a comprehensive consultation. On your first visit, Dr. Bunn will review your medical history to determine instances that might have altered your neck structure. These include whiplash, concussions, and other forms of injuries to the neck and head. Then, you might need to undergo advanced digital imaging techniques to assess how far your neck bones have shifted. 

Book your consultation with Atlas Clinic today to learn more about how Upper Cervical Care can help you relieve vertigo episodes.


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Dr. Chris Bunn will help you find the root cause of your vertigo, allowing you to finally take better control of your symptom and get on with your day-to-day tasks with greater ease. You can reach us at 801-689-2592 or click the consultation button.

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